Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hadar and Natan meet with the Mayor

Our young emissaries or "Shinshinim" (Shnat sherut - year of service) Natan Mish and Hadar Madnick were at the Municipality yesterday to say goodbye before they leave to spend a year in Baltimore.
Hadar and Natan will be spending the year working in schools and in the community, strengthening the connection between Ashkelon and Baltimore. They will be replacing Tal Bouhnik and Liron Menashe, our first ever shinshinim, who will be returning home to be drafted into the army. Mayor Benny Vaknin praised the work of Tal and Liron and told the new shinshinim how proud he was to be sending such fine young people to represent Ashkelon and wished Hadar and Natan good luck for their year ahead in Baltimore.
Avner Maimon, Natan Mish, Mayor Benny Vaknin, Hadar Madnick, Sigal Ariely, Dafna Biton

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