Sunday, December 20, 2009

Are you an arty student, aged 20-30, from Ashkelon?

The Ashkelon Baltimore Partnership is looking for 5 art (or artistically talented) students interested in taking part in a 3-way art project with Jewish students from Odessa and Baltimore, run in collaboration with the JDC (Joint).

The project is due to start in january 2010 and end in Sept 2010.

The participants (5 from odessa, 5 from Ashkelon) will travel to Baltimore in June/July 2010 to join the 5 Baltimore participants, and be hosted by the Jewish community. In Baltimore, all the participants will take part in art workshops and fun activities, and on their return to Ashkelon will carry out an art project of their own choosing and conception and create a public piece of art as a gift to the city (a wall mosaic, a mural or some kind of sculpture etc).

We are looking for students aged 20-30, they need to be: residents of Ashkelon with a background in plastic arts (experience/talent/studies), able to hold a reasonable conversation in English.

The group will meet once a month in Ashkelon until their their trip to Baltimore, and then will meet as needed to create their art project.

The project is subsidized and will cost only $500 per person including the trip to Baltimore, the meetings and the project.

This is a wonderful opportunity for artistically talented students to get involved, to get to know our sister community in Baltimore and to contribute to their city of Ashkelon.

For more information please contact Sigal Ariely, Director of the Ashkelon-Baltimore 052-6130704

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