Monday, December 28, 2009

My BBC Radio Interview

Yesterday was a year since the Cast Lead operation . I got a call from BBC London radio a few days ago asking me since they have interviewed me a few times during the war , if I agree to be interviewed in a special program on the 27th Dec . I agreed.
It was me in Ashkelon and a Palestinian woman from Gaza. Both of us were interviewed a year ago during the war. They started by broadcasting a short clip from each of us from last year .She talked about the situation now , and I talked about how we in Ashkelon after the war focused on renovations and programs for the kids enabling them and us to go back to normal life.
I did mention though that over 240 missiles and mortar have fallen since the war ended and last Wednesday 2 kassams fell outside Sderot. She then said Israel blockade causes lack of medications in Gaza . I did my homework ,The Israel project had a good summary of last year with numbers of humanitarian aid to Gaza. I said that we allow medications and equipment to go through, but not things that will be used against us. Knowing they bring into Gaza weapons though the tunnels all the time .
When the reporter asked me what I suggest in order to improve the situation , I said , that I think that the Palestinians , like us , should focus on renovating the social structures and facilities and helping the citizens go back to normal , quiet lives.
When they started the interview saying: “ we have Sigal Ariely from Ashkelon and , (I can’t remember her name) from Gaza “ I suddenly realized how important it was …It was a good feeling, I hope I did well…

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