Thursday, July 1, 2010

BZD - Baltimore Zionist District, in Ashkelon

BZD youth group are in Ashkelon for 2 nights. They are being hosted by Ashkelon teens for 2 days full of activities. Last night started with a relaxing Tai Chi workshop at sunset on the beach.

When I met the group , 2 hours after they met each other, it was hard to tell who was from Ashkelon and who was a Baltimorian !

Today we met at Michael Lapidus Park Baltimore and the Lynn Stacie Getz Playground, and from there they went to volunteer, together with their hosts, at the Halperin home for the elderly .

Later they will go swimming at the beach and then pack gift packages for kids in the pediatric ward at Barzilay hospital.

BZD in Baltimore Park, Ashkelon

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