Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cry to the World- Gilad Shalit Rally

Yesterday I took Gily, my youngest daughter , and with some friends we joined the "Cry to the World ". A rally that took place in Park Eshkol , next to Gaza where Gilad Shalit was kidnapped 4 years ago. This was a non-political event and everyone who took part volunteered. Zubin Mehta thanked all those who participated and said "as you all know, free concerts are very expensive...."

Thousands of people gathered in the park. The Isreali Philharmonic Orchestra , conducted by the famous Zubin Metah , Shlomo Artzi , and top Israeli musicians, all volunteered to give a free concert , in hope to convince Hamas to allow the Red Cross to visit Gilad and allow him basic humitarian rights .

Gilad's parents and brother came from Tel Aviv , where they took a short break from their long protest march - from their home in the north to Jerusalem .

After Noam Shalit , Gilad's father, spoke hundreds of yellow balloons were released to the sky with hope that Gilad will be safe and soon released. Everyone sang together with Shlomo Artzi his song that became a symbol of the support with Gilad - "Yten Mize Anahnu Lo Zrichim " - "This is all we need ...."

As we were leaving, everyone prayed in their heart that this actually made a difference.

Noam & Aviva Shalit, captured soldier Gilad Shalit's parents lead the 8 day protest march (photo by Yakov Brener from ynet)

The protest march winds its way through Tel-Aviv
(photo from ynet)

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