Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morei Derech Delegation Visits Ashkelon

A delegation of teachers representing the Gesher Chai (Living Bridge) Project between our two communities spent a day in Ashkelon during the "Morei Derech" seminar trip to Israel in June.

The day was organized by our Gesher Chai coordinator, the one and only Marcelo Burdman.

The Baltimore teachers were matched with teachers from their partner schools in Ashkelon. They went to visit the schools and discussed joint projects for the future.

They took part in a seminar about Jewish identity and connections to Israel and then expressed their artistic skills at a mosaic workshop led by Tova Shafran - an artist who also teaches at the Ashkelon School of the Arts.

Before Dinner we all went to visit the Michael Lapidus Baltimore Park and the Lynn Stacie Getz Playground where the delegation saw other mosaic art pieces done by Ashkelon artists and other groups from Baltimore.

Joel and his young "assistants" from the Art School with their mosaic creation.

Claudette and Rita with their masterpiece

Salit from Ashkelon with Flo and Hasia

Tova Shafran (in emerald green shirt, behind) ran the mosaic workshop
More photos of the mosaic workshop HERE

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