Thursday, July 1, 2010

Josh Schwartz's Barmitzvah Project

Soccer Jerseys for Or Chaim kids soccer team in Ashkelon

Josh Schwartz and his family visited Ashkelon in June. They were eager to meet the Or Chaim Soccer team kids and hand-deliver the jerseys that they designed, as Josh's bar mitzvah project.

The Or Chaim soccer team kids were thrilled to receive the soccer shirts and immediately tried them on. Gavriel, their coach grabbed a soccer ball and the Schwartz kids - Josh, Andrew, Joseph and Allison joined them, trying to score goals!

Or Chaim soccer team with the Schwartz family

MARCELO BURDMAN, our Gesher Hai coordinator organized this program.

Josh Schwartz read a speech he wrote in Hebrew, and shared how excited he was to share his love of soccer with new friends from Ashkelon.

After their visit to the school, the Schwartz family visited the Michael Lapidus Baltimore Park and Lynn Stacie Getz Playground that they helped to build two years ago. They were excited to see how green and colorful the park is now, and they inspected each and every mosaic piece of art in the park.

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Looks like they are an amazing family!