Sunday, August 14, 2011

A birthday celebration

Report from Einav Koren - Our Overseas-volunteer Coordinator
On Friday 12th August 2011 a group of soldiers from Ashkelon decided to celebrate the birthday of their friend Or Abu in an original way – by carrying out a volunteer project! In honor of Or's birthday, they decided to finish the painting of the perimeter fence of the brand new Ashkelon Volunteer Center. Happy Birthday Or!
The Ashkelon Volunteer Center is a new venture, and will centralize and promote volunteer activity in the city among local residents and also for overseas visitors wanting to volunteer in the city, The Ashkelon Volunteer Center was recently renovated by the city with the help of contributions from the Blavatt and Greenebaum families, under the auspices of the Ashkelon-Baltimore Partnership.
The initiative of the young soldiers to paint the fence is exactly the kind of volunteer spirit and commitment that the new Ashkelon Volunteer Center represents and inspires.

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