Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Freedmans Bump into the Chief Rabbi

 31.7.11 Matt Freedman and his wife Laurel and their 4 kids came to spend  a day in Ashkelon.
They started the day by visiting Mayor Benny Vaknin, where they bumped into one of the most important personages in Israel, Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger !
The Freedman kids joined the judo summer day camp and enjoyed working out with the Ashkelon kids. Matt and Laurel and the kids met the new shinshinim Shani & Roi, and Hadar, last year's shinshin joined them for a reunion at the Marina. After a visit to the Michael Lapidus Baltimore park and the Lynn Stacie Getz Playground, the rest of the day and evening was spent reconnecting with dear friends in Ashkelon.

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