Saturday, August 20, 2011

Escalation in the south

How many rockets have been fired from Gaza in the past couple of days ? We are losing count. And this time the range is broader - not only the areas immediately surrounding Gaza but all over the region, to Be'er Tuvia region, Lachish, Kiryat Malachi, Beer Sheva and Ashdod. They are not kassams but the larger Grad rockets, with a longer range. They are also more deadly and filled with sharp metal shards.

Ashkelon had a quiet night , but all around us rockets fell . You keep waiting to hear the siren that is yet to come ....
 Ironic that the last Grad launched from Gaza at Ashdod hit some Palestinians, who were illegally staying in Israel ...when you fire a rocket on civilians, you never know who you will hit.

Crater left by rocket, fired today at Beer Tuvia. Photo by Yaniv Ohana (ynet)

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