Friday, August 19, 2011

Shabt shalom...

I much rather write about all the great visits from Baltimroe we had in Ashkelon this past summer , we never had such a busy summer before , but the reality is diffrent ...
We had 3 sirens since last night , and thank God , for Iron Dome who was placed back in Ashkelon 3 weeks ago , and itercepted sucsefully 6 grads . Not that it is not scary to hear the sirens and the booms  of the interception , but it's a great feeling to know we are protected . Asdod is less fortunate . 2 Grads hit the city earlier this morning and few people were hurt .
Last night the Municipality planned ia free beach conceert of Hadag Nahash that the teens were looking forward to . The concert was canceled shortly before it was suppose to start because of the esclamation in the south . A lot of teens came , not knowing it was cancled and there they were caught during the 1st siren and rockets . My son who was there with friends, called right after the siren , they saw the inerception ... a few minutes later he was home ... We had one more siren and the 3rd one woke us up 6:45 am...we got to sleep through the night . Gily put a matress next to our bed and slept on the floor, she wanted to be next to me .We are all praying for a quiet Shabat and go back to normal life , Shabat Shalom .
Ashkelon municipality leadership, in the control room, discussing the security situation

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